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We are a new publishing company, with a plan to publish books, pamphlets, journals and magazines of special interest to Igbos in particular and Africans in general. Our hope is to record, celebrate and promote, in various ways and forms, aspects of authentic, traditional Igbo culture before they finish melting away.  If we had a slogan, it would be Igbo Kpom-Kwem!

Our Second Book

The first book we have published is a new edition of I Saw the Sky Catch Fire, the highly regarded novel about the Nigerian Women's War of 1929, written by T. Obinkaram Echewa. In time, we hope to publish other books of comparable quality. We welcome suggestions and inquiries about possible topics.

Read excerpts from the novel

Excerpts from I Saw the Sky Catch Fire, together with some reviews and bibliography, are on included on this web site.

And some reviews

Dozens of outstanding reviews from elite publications. . .

Perhaps you would like to ask a question of the author

Also included on this website is an opportunity for readers to ask questions of the authors we publish. For now, that is Dr. T. Obinkaram Echewa, author of I Saw the Sky Catch Fire. While there is no guarantee that authors will be able to answer all questions, they will make an effort to answer those most commonly asked, and others as they have opportunity.

Watch for other books to come

Of particular interest to us at this time is a book titled Tales of Igbo Childhood, which we would like to publish in the next year or so. For this, we are soliciting contributions from Igbo readers who grew up in Igboland during the 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's 1980's, and 1990's. If you spent the first 15 to 20 years of your life in Igboland, and have an interesting story or experience to share, we would like to hear from you. We want interesting stories, not cultural dissertations -- stories that will evoke a chuckle or a smile of recognition from an Igbo reader -- in other words, "Amam n'imah!" stories. School tales are welcome. We particularly want to hear from recognized scholars and published writers. Please click on "Tales of Igbo Childhood" for more detail.

Omenala Ndi Igbo (Igbo Customs)

Igbo customs are of special interest to us. On an ongoing basis, we will publish, recall or explain aspects of Igbo culture that we deem interesting or educational. "Education" will be not only for non-Igbo's but for the children of Igbo parents born outside Igboland.

Proverbially Yours

If you are an Igbo man or woman kpom-kwem, we know you will want to sign off with a proverb. Drop off a proverb on the appropriate page as your calling card.


Finally, we have an archive of previously published material. Click on "Tables" to take a look at our first book, How Tables Came to Umu Madu, published in 1984 as an "Amadi Small-Small Book". In the coming months, we plan to reprint excerpts from this classic (one chapter per month), beginning in May. Take a look at Tables. You will be amused and amazed!

Ka õdiwa kwa!

Ufo ji fõ, ufo ala fõ!

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